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This week on That’s What He Said, Lou and Freddy discussed how Ghostbusters 3 is finally ready to start shooting. Too little too late?


Hayley Atwell’s Peggy Carter, from Captain America is getting her own show! Can it stand up to the rest of the Marvel Media?

G.I. Joe Director, Jon M. Chu, asks for your help in making his Jem and the Holograms film a reality! read more

That’s What He Said S03E49 – Mistaken Photosynthesis


After years of indecision and restarts, it appears as though Ghostbuster’s 3 is FINALLY about ready to begin filming. Listen in to the show this Sunday and find out the details. This week we’ll also have news on Assassin’s Creed, the Peggy Carter TV series, Kevin Bacon and, as always, more reboots and sequels. To listen in, check us out at Blog Talk Radio, or call us at 323-693-3811. And don’t forget to comment on this week’s TWHS Topic! read more

TWHS Season 3 Episode 48 Recap

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You can listen to our latest episode above. Below you can find some links to many of things we referenced during the show!


Lou and Freddy talked about the upcoming Marvel VS DC battle at the box office. Listen in to see exactly how they’re throwing down!



The boys talked about the upcoming Venom and Sinister Six films. To find out more about the characters look for Venom here, and the Sinister Six here. read more

That’s What He Said S03E48 – Etiolating Continuity

Marvel and DC have had a long history of rivalry that has heretofore stayed out of their respective film worlds. However, has Marvel finally thrown down the gauntlet? Find out on this weeks episode! PLUS, we’ve got some Sinister Six movie updates, a look into the new Constantine TV series, a sequel to Alice in Wonderland, an old friend of TWHS returns, and news on the US Government actually relinquishing control of the internet.
You can listen to the live show here!
And don’t forget to join the conversation for this week’s TWHS Topic: Which 80s Cartoon Needs A Movie Reboot?” read more

TWHS Heads Up: Marvel Puzzle Quest

Every now and then those of us at TWHS Media stumble upon something really awesome. When that happens we will give you a heads up. Why? Well because we want our fans to enjoy the things that make us happy.

This time around I want to give everyone a heads up on a fantastic mobile game, Marvel Puzzle Quest. This game is available for both the Android and iOS. Also for those of you who want to be really hardcore(and I mean, who doesn’t?) the game is also available for your computer via Steam. read more