TWHS Season 3 Episode 47 Recap

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You can listen to our latest episode above and, while you listen, you can find many of the things we reference below!

On this week’s episode the boys first talked about the mysterious new girl showing up on the next episode of Arrow. As part of the Suicide Squad, there’s only one real assumption: HARLEY QUINN!

Speaking of Lou’s future wives, Karen Gillan is starring in WWE’s new film Oculus.

The new Sin City 2 trailer also looks amazing!


Lou and Freddy also discussed the state of video game mascots. If you have an opinion on the subject you can still discuss it here!


That’s What He Said fully endorces the PokeMMO!

HOVERBOARDS! Listen to the episode to hear all the details!


J-Woww’s got a TERRIBLE looking film coming out soon! Get those flasks ready!


A new Godzilla playset shows off a possible adversary for the giant lizard in the upcoming film. Or does it? Maybe a bug just randomly got into the picture.

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