TWHS Heads Up: Marvel Puzzle Quest

Every now and then those of us at TWHS Media stumble upon something really awesome. When that happens we will give you a heads up. Why? Well because we want our fans to enjoy the things that make us happy.

This time around I want to give everyone a heads up on a fantastic mobile game, Marvel Puzzle Quest. This game is available for both the Android and iOS. Also for those of you who want to be really hardcore(and I mean, who doesn’t?) the game is also available for your computer via Steam.

This game combines a classic puzzle style game with the ability to have a three man team like you would in Marvel vs. Capcom. Your characters will level up and earn upgradable abilities as you travel through your quest to save the world.



You battle by connecting a set of tiles (AT LEAST THREE HAS CANDY CRUSH TAUGHT YOU NOTHING?!) this will trigger a basic attack. Like most puzzle games, special tiles will do special things with your heroes and as mentioned earlier, your hero’s special moves will be upgradeable.



You earn upgrades and new heroes by collecting covers/cards. Fans of other games such as the DC Injustice mobile game will be familiar with this system.

Everyone needs to check out this game. Did I mention it’s FREE?! Now there is definitely no reason that you can’t go give this game a shot. Also, it’s always good to support a TWHS favorite in the developer Demiurge! Another great game from the people behind Shoot Many Robots.

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