TWHS Season 3 Episode 48 Recap

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You can listen to our latest episode above. Below you can find some links to many of things we referenced during the show!


Lou and Freddy talked about the upcoming Marvel VS DC battle at the box office. Listen in to see exactly how they’re throwing down!



The boys talked about the upcoming Venom and Sinister Six films. To find out more about the characters look for Venom here, and the Sinister Six here.


We had some news on the new Constantine TV series, aside from how PERFECT he looks!

On this week’s TWHS Topic we fantasized about the various 1980s cartoons that could get a live action reboot today. Check out the classic fake Thundercats trailer above and, as an added bonus here’s some ACTUAL outtakes from the old cartoon, MUTHA FUCKAS:

Check out the show for the rest of our news, but don’t forget to stop by Latino Mix 105.7 and see if they’re still playing Hot In Herre!!!

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