That’s What He Said S04E06 – Caveman Belt

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!!! We’ve got an exciting week on That’s What He Said! Tonight, Matthew Gates joins us once again as we discuss Batman Vs Superman’s new subtitle, Ant-Man woes, how Morgan Freeman sounds after sucking Helium, and the Watch Dogs release! Plus, we’ll discuss how the writer of BvS doesn’t really understand comics, Playstation Plus’ new free game, how the Oculus Rift is going to “help” the government and much much more! Be sure to NOT call in at 323-693-3811 as this is a pre-recorded show! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN IN! read more


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The Flash Trailer

This week we discussed the AWESOME new trailer for The Flash TV series!

Will Halo Star A Female?
I’ll save you the trouble…nope!

Flappy Bird Returns!
After a self-imposed exile, the creator of Flappy Bird returns to the iOS!

The Pentagon’s Zombie Apocalypse Plan!
The Department of Defense has come up with detailed strategy to handle a zombie apocalypse! CLICK HERE TO READ THE ENTIRE PLAN! read more

That’s What He Said S04E04-Smegging Kryton

Happy Mother’s Day! This weekend we’ve got all the stories mothers love to hear about! Like Star Wars and and comic book TV shows! We’ve got an update on the fate of Community, plus we’ll have tons of TV updates for this fall’s line up, some Facebook news, SLC Punk 2, Netflix’s new rates, and much much more. And join us for this week’s topic: The Worst Video Game Consoles. Call in at 323-693-3811 and let us know what you think! Make sure to to check out the live show Sunday night at 8pm! read more


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Star Wars Episode VII Cast Annouced
We kicked off this week’s episode with the announcement of Star Wars Episode VII’s cast!

Justice League Officially Announced
Pretending that Batman Vs Superman isn’t already a Justice League film, the official one was finally announced! read more

That’s What He Said S04E03-Universal Blood Impact

May the Fourth be with you! It’s Star Wars day and, appropriately enough, we have some BIG news about Episode VII! Plus, That’s What He Said will bring you news on the Justice League, the Call of Duty Series, Halo and Showtime’s new deal, Affleck and Samuel L. Jackson’s recent troubles, TMNT, Dr. Who and much much more! Don’t forget to call in during the show at 323-693-3811! CLICK HERE to listen to the show live! read more