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Warner Planning A Batfleck Solo Film
On top of the ambitious movie slate DC has planned for the next few years, a new Batman solo film is rumored to be on the slate.

Eisenberg To Be A Different Sort of Lex Luthor
Some details from the set of Batman Vs Superman concerning Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor were leaked this week.

Star Wars Episodes VIII and IX To Have New Director
Rian Johnson will be taking over the reins for Star Wars Episodes VIII and IX.

New Hulk Film?
Marvel may be looking into making a new, stand alone, Hulk film.

Saved By The Bell Drama
Saved by the Bell
Lifetime will air a Saved By The Bell drama on September 1st, exposing the supposed true story of the cast.

Frozen Characters Joining Once Upon A Time
Frozen characters Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and Kristoff will appear in the next season of Once Upon A Time.

Shredder Image Leaks
Apparently, Michael Bay has decided Shredder is going to be the offspring of a Samurai and Edward Scissorhands.

Luigi Ridin’ Dirty

As we promised, here’s Luigi ridin’ dirty!

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