That’s What He Said S04E52-Beyond Normality RECAP

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Normal Movie Interview
Normal Poster
This week on That’s What He Said, Lou and Freddy had the pleasure of interviewing the director of the upcoming HorrArt flick, Normal, starring Nicola Fiore. Listen in to hear all the behind the scenes goodness that goes into making a horror movie and make sure to get the word out about this exciting new film via their Facebook page, Instagram page, and anywhere else you might find them! read more

Normal Movie


Director Michael Turney (Portal) makes his feature length debut with the epic flick Normal. Starring the incredibly talented Nicola Fiore, he takes us into the terrifying world of psychological HorrArt in a film about a young girl’s struggles with life, sex, and a demon worshiping cult. You know…the normal stuff. Keep an eye out on this page, Instagram, @normalmovie, and Facebook for updates, trailers, and release info. read more