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TWHS Season 4 Episode 24 Recap

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Tak3n Is Coming

Key and Peele About To Put the Pussy On The Chainwax! Substitute Teacher Flick In the Works

Crazy Bitch Says Disney Stole Her Life Story For…Frozen!?! read more

That’s What He Said’s Lou Beats P.T.

Here’s how I finally beat P.T. (aka Silent Hills Playable Trailer). Got to the final loop (I did NOT collect all the picture pieces), went to the clock and waited for the midnight bells to start. As soon as they started (and everyone knows this part) I walked 10 paces (doesn’t matter the direction, just has to be EXACTLY 10) and got the first baby laugh. The ghostly sounds started (as in Lisa was nearby…you can’t do anything else with Lisa around), so I waited. As soon as the ghost sounds stopped I played this audio of Kojima over my mic:

I’m not even kidding. Did it twice just to make sure. Worked perfectly each time. I don’t know if it’s Kojima or the MGS Surprise sound (I’m going with MGS, ’cause that’s his style).
The rest is already well known…as SOON as the second baby laugh starts DO NOT touch your controller until AFTER the heart beat-like vibration is completely over. Then you get the third baby laugh and the phone rings. Zoom in on the phone for a message and walk out the door.
Hideo…I like ya, but yer crazy. read more

TWHS Season 4 Episode 16 Recap

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Guardian’s of the Galaxy Review

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Sharknado 2 Review

I Love NY

We shared some tips for NY Tourists.

Wasp Antman

Wasp May Be Dead in Ant-Man Flick

Rise of the gaurdians

Various Regal Theaters Play The Wrong Film read more

TWHS Season 4 Episode 15 Recap 2.0

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