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Retro Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers(Sega Genesis)

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers(Sega Genesis) May 20, 1994

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for the Sega Genesis is a typical Street Fighter type fighting game. In the game you can pick between two game modes. 1-Player scenario mode and 2-player battle mode.

Pink vs Minotaur

When playing scenario mode you start off being able to pick one of the 5 original Power Rangers. Every fight is two parts, first you fight the monster with a Power Ranger. After you win Rita Repulsa makes her monster grow (THATS WHAT HE SAID!). Then it’s MEGAZORD TIME!!!1!ONE! In your second fight you go up against the Evil Green Ranger. After defeating him once its Zord battle time. Green Ranger will summon the Dragonzord! If you manage to defeat the Dragonzord then you will have unlocked the Green Ranger!! read more